Questions to Ask A Potential Therapist

When you come for counseling, you are buying a service to meet your individual needs. You need good information about counseling to make the best choice for yourself and your family. Here are some questions you might want to ask a potential therapist about how he or she does counseling. You have the right to full information about therapy.

The below above deals with the most commonly asked questions, but many people want to know more. Feel free to ask a potential therapist any questions you have at any time. The more you know, the better your counseling will go.

About Therapy

  1. How much training and experience do you have? Do you have a license? What are your other qualifications?
  2. What will we do in therapy? What will I have to do in therapy?
  3. Could anything bad happen because of therapy?
  4. What will I notice when I am getting better?
  5. About how long will it take for me to see that I am getting better?
  6. About how long will therapy take?
  7. What should I do if I feel therapy isn't working?

About Other Therapy and Help

  1. What other types of therapy or help are there for my problems?
  2. What are the risks or limits of these other methods?

About Our Appointments

  1. How will we set up our appointments?
  2. How long will our sessions last? Do I have to pay more for longer ones?
  3. How can I reach you in an emergency? If I can't reach you, to whom can I talk?

About Confidentiality

  1. What kinds of records do you keep about my therapy?
  2. Are there times you have to tell others about the personal things we might talk about?

About Money

  1. What is your fee and when do you want to be paid?
  2. Do I need to pay for an appointment if I don't come to it, or if I call you and cancel it?
  3. Do I need to pay for telephone calls to you?
  4. Will you ever raise the fee that you charge me? When?

What to Expect

Nervous about meeting a therapist? Not sure what to expect?

Those are common feelings, but don't worry. Let us help explain what you can expect and how you can have the best therapy experience possible.

More Information

Your Rights as a Client

You are an active participant in your therapy and you have rights. Know them!

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